BMW 120i makes your Drive fun

BMW 1 series

With better engine power and unusual look

It is a car that runs smooth on road with a different look and a high range engine quality. All these qualities point towards BMW 1series. What this category was when it was first introduced in the market and what it is now, differ a lot. BMW has changed many things in its latest revision of the 1series and comfort and engine pickup are one of the major lifts.

Inside View BMW
Inside View BMW

Comfort is not only referring to the passengers, the driving side and posture is also very comfortable. Although the whole series is not as spacious as its rivals are but the point that makes this car award winning is its drive and handling, which the engines provide. BMW 120i engines is not an exception and attains full points as its fellow models do in ride and engine capacity.

Engine response:

The engine is of 2.0 liter with an updated improved throttle of extra 5kw and 20 Nm. This certainly improves the drive and makes a valuable experience not only for the driver but also for its passengers. The 18-inch alloy flat wheels supports the car well on rough and difficult roads, but it is in slow speed which makes the car suffer and perform low. In spite of this, the vehicle will give you the experience which you will never forget. The engine is highly refined that sounds sporty under the bonnet. The four cylinder turbo charged hits the roads well and with grandeur of BMW refinement.

BMW 120i Engine
BMW 120i Engine

The price is high but when you get into the car, it drives you in love with it; all your complaints vanish behind the power it generates. Even the engine and body noises one can hear from a small car were not present. The only noise you hear is the engine noise at start up and a little rumbling that is produced in lower speeds but it disappears when the car becomes stable in the mid speed range. German Car tech Has wide range of german car engines both diesel and Petrol.


Again the handling of the car in road tests is really good and it hits the top place in this aspect. The ride on road is sharp and quick. Turning competence is very impressive, it turns swiftly even until unless the stability control jumps in you may feel the rear out of control; this is how the suspension responds to the orders. The car in any condition does not get under steer at any time and in any condition.


The car did not loose control at any circumstances whether it was to control it through heavy traffic or making it come back to path the balance was always there to support the driver.

Transmission Options:

The automobile comes with both automatic and manual eight-speed gear shift. The higher automatic shifts are hardly noticed and seems like the car is flying in the air without effort, and the same is the case for manual shift which is as smooth and effortless as it can get. When 120i the lowering of gears in automatic mode the car waits for the reduction of speed according to the certain gear limit and then eventually changes without prompting for the driver and fuss.