BMW 318d Rear Wheel drive

318d BMW

Car with Awesome Features

Introduction :

The 318d is a rear wheel drive car and the engine in this car is located at the front and is Produced by BMW company itself.continue to read more about BMW 318d must, visit German Car Tech first.

Dimensions And Weight :

The Length, width and height of this luxurious car is 4633 mm, 1811 mm and 1429 mm Respectively. The ground Clearance and wheelbase of this car is 140 mm and 2810 mm respectively. The measure of front Track/ Tread is 1543 mm whereas the measure of rear track / tread is 1583 mm.

BMW 318d White
BMW 318d White

The length : wheelbase of the vehicle is 1.65. the Kerb weight of the Vehicle is 1505 kilograms that is equal to 3318 Ib. The fuel tank installed in this car has a capacity to store 57 liters of fuel in it that is equal to 12.5 UK gallons / 15.1 US gallons.

Engine And Performance :

The engine integrated in this vehicle is turbocharged diesel engine. Four cylinders are present in this engine these cylinders are double over head camshaft (DOHC). Each Cylinder has four Valves therefore it is a 16 valve engine. The capacity of the engine is 1995 cc. The utiary Capacity of the engine is 498.75 cc. The maximum output produced by this engine is 148 bhp @ 4000 RPM ( Rotation per minute ) but the specific out is 74.2 bhp per litter.

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BMW Engine
BMW Engine

Similarly the maximum torque of this engine is 320 Nm @ 1500 – 3000 RPM but the specific torque of this engine is 160.4 Nm / litter. The fuel system of this engine is common rail direct diesel injection. The extreme pressure brakes are installed in this vehicle the mean effective pressure of the brake is 2015.7 kilo pascal. The Accelerates only in 8.6 seconds from 0 km/ hour to 100 km / hour . The maximum speed of this vehicle is 215 km / hour that is equal to 134 miles per hour. The power to weight ratio 0.04 bhp /Ib. whereas weight to power ratio 22.78 Ib/ bhp.

Chassis :

The engine is located in front of the vehicle. It has a longitudinal layout. The is a differential engine and is rear wheel drive vehicle. The steering is integrated with hydraulic power system. The size of all the 3 Series wheels is same that is 73 * 16. Similarly the size of all the tyres is also the same that is 205/60 R 16 92 V. Both front and rear brakes are Disc brakes with additional ABS technology. The gearbox of this vehicle has 6 gears with manual transmission.  The ration of top gear is 0.67 and the final drive ratio is 3.23.

3 Series Interior
3 Series Interior

Security :

Security alternatives incorporate a Lane Change Warning System and Lane Departure Warning System, including Collision Warning that tells the driver of a conceivable impact amid a path change move or if the auto strays out of its path.

With 12 million deals far and wide since its presentation in 1975, the BMW 3 Series is into its 6th era and, with the 318d model including further interest, looks set to keep up its spot as a main contender.